Youtube Banner Size – Design Guidelines And Templates 2019

Youtube Banner Size – Design Guidelines And Templates 2019
Youtube banner size

Video is becoming a very interesting channel to not only share about daily lives and stories but also do businesses. At the moment, Youtube is one of the hottest video platforms that contains large quantity of videos. Obviously, it is a promising platform for many businesses to conduct commercial activities.

In addition to optimizing Facebook pages and Instagram profiles, a business should also pay much attention to their Youtube account. In the first place, you should make your Youtube channel more fascinating and attractive by using high quality channel art.

In this article, we are going to discuss about best Youtube banner size including examples and practices. A perfect banner size should look good on both desktop and other types of devices and platforms. As the display on different devices is not the same, you had better follow Youtube’s instructions on Youtube ideal banner size.

How to begin with Youtube Channel

For a video channel, you definitely know that visual demonstration is of great importance to promote your brand image. Therefore, this post is going to give you some instructions on the proper way to branding on Youtube.

Video content is one of the key factors to attract your viewers, however, making your channel look impressive should also be taken into consideration. Inappropriate Youtube header size can bring about loss in viewers’ impression when they visit your channel.

Youtube’s original banner instead of your own indicates that you don’t want to pay attention to. But it doesn’t need much efforts to create good presentation for Youtube channel with good banner size and design. So, let’s get started.

Ideal Youtube banner size

For best results on all devices, we recommend uploading an image with 2560 pixels wide by x 1440 pixels tall.

Youtube Banner Size – Design Guidelines And Templates 2019
Recommendations for Youtube banner size

1. Understand the central area of a Youtube banner

Because your channel might be displayed on different platforms, so make sure that your banner will look the most presentable on all devices, no important part is cut off or resized.

The recommended focus area is 1546px wide by 423px tall.

On desktop, you do not need to worry about the lower left corner of your banner that may be covered by your profile picture. But it is a different story on mobile platform.

On mobile display, profile picture is going to account for the left corner at the bottom so be careful to design your cover art.

2. Using a size template

In order not to waste time on fitting size each time you design a Youtube banner and avoid faulty cover image size, you had better set up a size template for your Youtube banner.
The template should be suitable for Photoshop app so that you can adjust in a more convenient way and put your design in the right place.

However, the story does not end up here. It is still inadequate if we do not mention the content of your banner design.

Why we should concentrate on designing Youtube banner

1. Featuring characteristics of your channel

When visiting your channel, a first look at your banner will make a big impression on the audience. At first glance, your audience might know what your channel is about and whether it will worth watching or not. During this moment, they will decide to continue watching your videos or not.

Below is an eye-catching example for channel art banner.

2. An effective way to promote brand image

Youtube Banner Size – Design Guidelines And Templates 2019
Brand name on Youtube banner

Especially for a business, a youtube banner is consistent with profile image will better recall customers about your brand. Using your brand colors will establish connection between your business and your pictures. Customers will easily associate those colors with your brand.

3. Expanding social engagement

Youtube Banner Size – Design Guidelines And Templates 2019
Social Engagement on Youtube banner

Youtube incorporates other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest,… so you can easily share your link to these social sites and get more audience access your content.

How to design a perfect Youtube banner

With the following Photoshop tools, you could begin with creating a banner right now without any difficulties.

1. Canva

Youtube Banner Size – Design Guidelines And Templates 2019
Canva_banner creator

Canva is one of the very well-known banner creator tool that provides numerous professional layouts. You can get access to a big source of more than 8000 templates.

One good thing about Canva is you can use it for free. However, it furnishes you with more functions if you use premium version which costs at about 12.95$ per month.

2. Snappa

Youtube Banner Size – Design Guidelines And Templates 2019
Snappa _ banner creator

Similar to Canva, Snappa offers free access to a restricted number of templates. Therefore, if you want to experience full service, you can register a premium version which costs 5$ per month.

3. Fotor

Youtube Banner Size – Design Guidelines And Templates 2019
Fotor_banner creator

Fotor is also one of the most professional banner creator tool that is highly rated for its superior features.
Especially it is totally free for users.

Designing a Youtube channel art is not a challenging task, and it brings about a lot of benefits for your channel.
Spend just a little time on creating a banner and it will work more than you expect.